See below for the most current UPick information including hours which can change daily and click on ‘See more’ at the bottom to access all the current information. General information regarding all the UPick opportunities including pet and photography policies follow:

Seasonal UPick schedule on farm (approximate dates for crops):

June to October: Sunflowers – rotating crops (may be gaps in blooms) it is recommended that you bring shears (no admission)

Mid-August to Late October: Apples (admission Saturday and Sunday)

Late September to Halloween: Pumpkins (no admission) and Corn Maze (daily admission)

Late May – Early July: Blueberries (daily admission)

Early July to Mid-August: Peaches (admission Saturday and Sunday)


Children’s Play Area: open 9am – 6pm Tuesday thru Sunday (no admission)

Age Limit: If a child can walk, they need a wristband for an area if required.

Please CONTACT US should you have any questions or concerns and find links to our PHOTO POLICY and SERVICE ANIMAL AND PET POLICY here.