See Facebook for the most current UPick information including hours which can change daily. General information regarding all the UPick opportunities including pet and photography policies follow:

Seasonal UPick schedule on farm (approximate dates for crops):

June to October: Sunflowers – rotating crops (may be gaps in blooms) it is recommended that you bring shears (no admission)

Mid-August to Late October: Apples (admission Saturday and Sunday)


Late September to Halloween: Pumpkins (no admission) and Corn Maze (daily admission)

Late May – Early July: Blueberries (daily admission)

Early July to Mid-August: Peaches (admission Saturday and Sunday)


Children’s Play Area: open 9am – 6pm Tuesday thru Sunday (no admission)

Age Limit: If a child can walk, they need a wristband for an area if required.

Please CONTACT US should you have any questions or concerns and find links to our PHOTO POLICY and SERVICE ANIMAL AND PET POLICY here.