COVID POLICY: – Masks required when social distancing is not possible – NO EXCEPTIONS – failure to do so may result in being ask to leave the property immediately.

PETS: We love pets. However, unless you have a service animal, please leave your pets at home when experiencing our U-Pick crops and shopping at our Market. Please check in with our staff if you do bring a service animal. The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 prohibits pets on our farm grounds.

Photography Policy – please review before coming to our farm

Pumpkins and Mazes – please see our choices for this fall here

Apples (Closing 10/13/2020) – open for ticketholders only – please view availability here. See below for types of apples we grow.

Evercrisp: Planted in 2017/2018, we planted the next “Honeycrisp”. born of a wildly popular Honeycrisp mother and Fuji father, it inherited the fabulously explosive taste and texture of each.
Crimsoncrisp: This medium sized fruit has a crimson red color over almost the entire apple. It has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart and complex flavor.
Gold Rush: This fruit stores very well and has a gorgeous golden color with red blushing. It is crisp and tart when picked right off the tree; however its sugars develop post harvest and balance out. This is a good baking apple.
Luda Crisp: Added in 2018, growers called it Juicyfruit because it tastes like the gum.
Rosalee: Added in 2018, this apple is a Fuji-Honeycrisp cross that ripens along with Golden Delicious that has a long harvest window and does not lose texture in storage.
Enterprise: looking similar to McIntoshes, with a glossy red/maroon color and round shape, they can sometimes be lopsided. The skin is very thick and tough and the yellow flesh is fine grained and firm. The flavor is mildly tart and richly spicy.
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