We have two convenient locations that offer U-Pick strawberries. We provide you with buckets for picking so you don’t even have to bring your own! Picking usually starts in late April and runs until the first part of June. Have questions or just want to check picking conditions before you head out, check Facebook, the home page of this website or give us a call (757)-721-7456.

Pungo Farm Market: 1444 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, VA, 23456

  • Grown on plastic, for easy picking
  • Sand Pile for the kids
  • Mowed centers for easy walking
  • Tables and chairs so you can bring a snack and enjoy the scenic views
  • All kids leave with a sticker
  • Onsite Ice Cream and Bake Shop, so after you pick you can enjoy a sweet treat

Cullipher Berry Patch:  772 Princess Anne Road VA Beach, VA, 23457

**This is always the recommended picking location during the weekends**

  • Online Deals for Picking
  • Huge Children’s Area
  • Grown on plastic, for easy picking
  • Mowed centers for easy walking
  • All kids leave with a sticker
  • Located on our main farm, so pickers can see what other things we have growing


In 2015, we planted our first acre (1,000 trees) of high density, trelised  apples. Below is a description of the varieties we have planted and an approximate harvest date. Please note that the harvest date is an approximate time of when of the first harvest and can change year to year based on a variety of conditions. We will pick each variety for 10-14 days roughly, then move onto the next.

Crimsoncrisp: This medium sized fruit has a crimson red color over almost the entire apple. It has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart and complex flavor. (9/5)

Shizuka: Developed in Japan and sister to Mutsu, this exceptionally large fruit has a mild sweet flavor. (9/21)

Suncrisp: A cross between a Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin developed by the New Jersey Apple breeding program this apple receives high marks for its flavor profile. It has a beautiful golden color with orange blush. It has a sweet and spicy flavor great for fresh eating and baking. (9/31)

Winecrisp: This medium to large sized apple is deep purple-red in color. It is very firm, juicy and crisp. Its “wine-like” flavor is pleasantly balanced and has a sweet-tart and spicy flavor. (9/27)

Gold Rush: This fruit stores very well and has a gorgeous golden color with red blushing. It is crisp and tart when picked right off the tree; however its sugars develop post harvest and balance out. This is a good baking apple. (10/21)

September Wonder Fuji: Its main characteristic is the lovely pink speckled flush over a yellow-green background. It is also crisp and juicy, with dull white flesh which snaps cleanly. The flavor is predominantly sweet, very refreshing (especially if slightly chilled). It has the tropical sweetness to expect from a relative to the Fuji, but the September Wonder comes with a slight edge of tart that gives it that special fall feeling. It is definitely a fall apple. Think of the flavor as fall apple cider with a Fuji twist.

Ambrosia: The light-yellow to cream-colored flesh is crisp and contains a small central fibrous core with a few small, dark brown seeds compacted within. Ambrosia apples are tender and juicy with a sweet, honeyed flavor and low acidity.

Evercrisp: Planted in 2017/2018, we planted the next “Honeycrisp”. born of a wildly popular Honeycrisp mother and Fuji father, it inherited the fabulously explosive taste and texture of each.

Luda Crisp: Added in 2018, growers called it Juicyfruit because it tastes like the gum.

Rosalee: Added in 2018, this apple is a Fuji-Honeycrisp cross that ripens along with Golden Delicious that has a long harvest window and does not lose texture in storage.