Louis Cullipher (Patriarch): As the patriarch of the family, Louis received his B.S. in Soil Science from North Carolina State University in 1958. He worked for thirty years for the USDA Soil Conservation Service. The first twenty years Louis worked mainly with the soil survey (identifying and recording different soil types) across the eastern third of Virginia. The last 10 years he focused on shoreline stabilization and wetlands/environmental issues. Louis’ second career was as Director for the City of Virginia Beach which he did until 2001. During both careers, he also farmed vegetables part time. Then he embarked on his third career by farming full time.

Over the course of his career, Louis received numerous honors from national and state associations including Merit Awards and named a Fellow by the American Society of Soil and Water Conservation. He is also a professional Soil Scientist and Agronomist. Governor Baliles appointed him to the inaugural board to certify professional soil scientists in Virginia. If you ask him now what he enjoys most, he’ll say a good sharp hoe and a row of plants.

Mike Cullipher (Production): Mike also graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Soil Science in 1989. Upon graduation, Mike accepted an Environmental Engineer position with Virginia Department of Transportation. Mike dealt with environmental issues and agencies as they dealt with VDOT’s construction program. While working in Suffolk for VDOT, Mike worked in the field every morning, night, holiday and vacation. In 2001, at Jane’s urging, Mike resigned to farm full time with Louis. Since then Mike and Louis worked together. Mike was the chairman of Virginia Beach’s Agricultural Advisory Committee, a Director of the Virginia Potato and Vegetable Growers Association and served on the Virginia Farm Bureau Statewide Committee of Fruit and Vegetables Growers.


Cullipher Farm Market offers seasonal and part time employment. Currently, we are fully staffed but will accept and retain applications for positions that may come open.

We experience our highest need for labor during the months of April through October. Our farm work includes harvesting, washing and packing, preparing orders, making deliveries, seeding and planting, irrigation, farm maintenance, weeding and cultivation, and staffing farmers markets. The following are general descriptions of the jobs and where they are performed. All employees are expected to maintain enthusiasm, a good attitude, honesty and treat all with respect despite sometimes challenging conditions. Cullipher Farm employees consistently provide customers with great customer service and high quality product.

Farm Market: Retail sales at our open air market at the Pungo Stand (1444 PA Rd). You are primarily responsible for greeting customers and answering questions, checking people out, restocking and going through product to ensure quality. You will need to be able to lift 40 pounds and set up tables and tents.

Field Labor: Mainly at the Patch (772 PA) and physical requirements include the ability to tolerate extreme weather conditions, pests and continual standing, kneeling, stretching and squatting for long periods of time. Much of this work is manual labor with long hours and repetitive lifting of heavy objects.

Patch Activity Personnel: Mainly at the Patch (772 PA) interacting and directing parking and large crowds of people as well as checking people out from Patch and Play Area. Your primary responsibility includes but is not limited to: answering questions, checking out, assisting customers to their vehicles, loading and unloading wagon rides, and directing traffic.

If you are interested in working for Cullipher Farm Market, please forward a completed application to Thank you for your interest!

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