PLAY AREA: Our play area located behind our market is complimentary this year and open during the regular market hours. Please come join us and play in the fresh country air!

CORN MAZE: In the Fall, we have a 7-10 acre corn maze and the theme is normally announced in the summer. Join us for fun in the crisp fall air, getting lost and picking pumpkins while enjoying our apple cider donuts, apple slushies and cider.

FIELD TRIPS: Our farm offers field trips for school and other local groups for a lesson, wagon ride and an opportunity to pick fruit to take home with them. Generally, field trips are centered around strawberries (spring), apples (fall) and pumpkins (fall) and are announced on our Explore page.

SPECIAL EVENTS: From time to time, our farm is able to host special events open to the public which are posted on our Explore page.

Please CONTACT US should you have any questions or concerns and find links to our PHOTO POLICY and SERVICE ANIMAL AND PET POLICY here.