Photography Policy (2/10/2023)

Our farm at 772 Princess Anne Road is a popular location for photography. Please remember, this is private property. Professional and novice photographers and their clients are permitted under the following guidelines:

1) You are welcome to take photos (no drones permitted) in the patch/orchard (not the market) during REGULAR posted business hours. No one is allowed on property after business hours.

2) Photography is allowed only in areas of the farm that are open to the public which changes from day to day. You must check in with the manager on duty to let us know you are on site, find out what areas you may enter and purchase appropriate admission wristbands (if needed) for the areas you want to enter. Please no photography in the parking areas. You must leave by our closing time.

3) Service Animals and Pets: We love pets but please leave your pets at home when visiting our U-Pick crops and shopping at our Market. If you have a service animal, please check in with our staff to have a staff member assigned to your service animal in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 prohibits pets on our farm grounds but allows for supervised service animals. Details for service animals and pets can be found on our Service Animal and Pet Policy

4) Signs that say “Authorized Personnel Only” or “Private Property: No Trespassing” are posted on the edges of the property that are not open to the public. Do not enter these areas or the neighboring properties of the Salmons and Whalewallow. If you are found beyond any of these signs or on neighboring property, you will be asked to leave the premises.

5) Our customer’s enjoyment of the property is paramount to their experience. We may ask you to leave if you block off areas or, in any other way, interfere with their ability to enjoy the property. Please no staging.

6) All patch/orchard policies must be followed. You must remain in designated open areas and must pay for anything you pick as well as pay entry fees for mazes if you use them. Please do not climb trees, waste fruit, litter, or act in any unsafe manner. 

7) No drone/aerial photography is permitted at any time without express permission from management.

8) If you are on our property without permission during non-business hours, you are trespassing. We will prosecute. Unfortunately, we’ve had too many incidents to be more flexible with this.

Please respect our private property and our neighbors, help us keep the insurance man happy, and enjoy your photos and memories by following our guidelines!