Patch (772 PA Rd)

772 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457

Four miles south of the Market is the “Patch” which has a large play area, educational tours and u-pick fields (strawberries and pumpkins), orchards (peaches and apples), and vineyards. Each fall, we have three mazes: traditional corn (largest), cotton and sunflower. When available, two hand-made Amish wagons carry guests around our farm and through neighboring farms, Whalewallow and Terrace Farms, to see what is currently growing in Pungo. Courtesy of Coastal Cattle, we usually have a mother and calf cow in a corral near the educational center. The farm is a great destination for families to bring a picnic, enjoy the fresh air, open space and agricultural activities (U-Pick) while discovering our farm.

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