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Current Crops


UPICK APPLES: Open for 2022. No Admission Fee Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Admission Fee Friday, Saturday and Sundays is $5 per person. Tickets available here. Price is $2.99 per pound plus tax.  

PETSPlease leave your pets at home. Only service animals will be allowed outside of vehicles and in the fields due to the restrictions of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. If you bring a service animal, please check in with our staff upon arriving on our property. Please keep your animal on a leash and controlled at all times and be prepared to clean up after your service animal as needed.

PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY: please review using this link before coming to our farm

U Pick Sunflowers, it is recommended that you bring shears and a bucket for your flowers. 


Apples have the following with estimate ready dates (some of these varieties are very limited so may be a one day/weekend thing)

8/26 - 9/04             Summerset, Ambrosia and Crimson Crisp (older rows)

9/09 - 9/19             Crimson Crisp (newer rows) and Rosalee

9/23 - 10/02           Shizuka, Ludacrisp and Spitzenburg

10/07 – 10/16        Enterprise and Evercrisp (Back)

10/22 – 10/30        Evercrisp (Front), Pink Lady and Gold Rush

Ambrosia: Ambrosia apples are known for their fantastic fresh flavor, ripe juiciness, pink & cream blush skin, excellent shelf life, and fine flesh that resists browning. Refreshing, crisp, floral notes, crisp, fine grained flesh and very sweet with low acidity

Crimsoncrisp: This medium sized fruit has a crimson red color over almost the entire apple. It has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart and complex flavor. Lovely red blush, crisp flesh, firm and dense, juicy.

Enterprise: Developed by researchers at Perdue University this deep red apple has uniform medium to medium-large sized fruit. This is a great cooking!

Evercrisp: The MAIA-1 apple variety is marketed as EverCrisp® under strict quality control. Packing a loud crunch, the apple combines the best of its parents HoneyCrisp and Fuji.

Gold Rush: This fruit stores very well and has a gorgeous golden color with red blushing. It is crisp and tart when picked right off the tree; however its sugars develop post harvest and balance out. This is a good baking apple.

Honeycrisp: This very popular fruit was developed by the University of Minnesota. This juicy, crisp, sweet-tart apple has a very rich flavor that consistently ranks is #1 in taste tests. Honey crisp is outstanding for fresh eating!

Ludacrisp: A cross between a Honeycrisp and an unknown second parent, it was bred by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association which describes the flavor as tropical and maybe like "Juicy Fruit" chewing gum.

Pink Lady (Crisp Pink): This attractive pink blushed apple with a yellow background is medium to large with an exceptionally crisp and sweet-tart flavor that balances well. This variety stores well.

Rosalee: Sweet, crunchy and juicy, the Rosalee is a Fuji – Honeycrisp cross with some of the best qualities from both parents.

September Wonder: Early variety of Fuji

Shizuka: Developed in Japan and sister to Mutsu, this exceptionally large fruit has a mild sweet flavor.

Summerset: Another Fuji-Honeycrisp cross, Summerset ripens alongside traditional Honeycrisp.

Spitzenburg: The Spitzenburg apple tree was discovered in the late 1700s by an early Dutch settler of that name. Thomas Jefferson ordered a dozen trees for his orchard in Monticello. The Spitzenburg apple is unexcelled in flavor and quality, the fruit is great off the tree, but flavor improves immensely in storage. Often medium sized with crisp, yellow skin covered with inconspicuous red stripes and russet freckles, the flesh is tinged yellow, firm, aromatic, complex in flavor with sprightly and spicy undertones complimented with a perfect balance between sharp and sweet.

Suncrisp: A cross between a Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin developed by the New Jersey Apple breeding program this apple receives high marks for its flavor profile. It has a beautiful golden color with orange blush. It has a sweet and spicy flavor great for fresh eating and baking.

Winecrisp: This medium to large sized apple is deep purple-red in color. It is very firm, juicy and crisp. Its "wine-like" flavor is pleasantly balanced and has a sweet-tart and spicy flavor. 

Seasonal UPick schedule on farm (approximate dates for crops):

Mid April - Early June: Strawberries
Late May - Early July: Blueberries
June to October: Sunflowers - rotating crops (may be gaps in blooms)
Early July to Mid-August: Peaches
August 2022: Sunbelt Grapes (concord variety)
Mid-August to Late October: Apples and grapes
Late September to Halloween: Pumpkins