Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program Cards available at the Market or the Patch

Friend of the Farm CSA

New for 2019, this program offers an alternative for those people who want to experience the savings and value a CSA offers but like to have more options in what they get. Members in this program are entitled to purchase anything anytime. Below are the pricing levels we offer:

Cost        (Allowance)
$450       ($500)  10.0% savings
$275       ($300)    8.3% savings
$92.50    ($100)    7.5% savings

1) Members will have unlimited time to spend their balance, although it is encouraged to spend your entire balance the year you sign up.

2) Your purchases will be tracked using a debit card which will give you up-to-date account balances.

3) Your balance can be spent on produce, canned goods, baked goods, flowers, plants, or anything that is available for sale during your visit.

4) For any large or unusual request, please email cullfarm@msn.com at least 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.

5) NEW: Special access to produce specials throughout the season.

6) NEW Enrollment includes the option for a discounted Patch Pass ($30 for $35 Patch Pass).

7) Payment is due in full in order to receive your card.

Patch Pass

Our Patch Pass is good for 10 visits to the Patch Play Area at $3.50 per child rather the the $4.00 normally charged. We will be expanding our UPick opportunities this year which means we will be open more often at the Patch throughout the summer. This card offers a $5 savings for loyal visitors and can be reloaded throughout the season as needed. Bring lunch or snacks, pick what is in season and enjoy the clean, country air.

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