U-Pick Pumpkins and Apples

Our Fall U-Pick seasons is highlighted by our pumpkins and apples. In 2015 we will be planting our first high density apples. These apples are planted and grow on a trellis system and top out at around 10 feet. They will be ready to pick in 2017! In addition to our 8 varieties of apples we plant over 30 different types of pumpkins ranging from small to large, bumpy or flat, with a variety of colors.

Apples(ready in 2017):

In 2015 we planted about an acre and a half of high density apples. Below is a description of the varities we have planted and an approximate harvest date. Please note that the harvest date is an approximate time of when of the first harvest and can change year to year based on a variety of conditions. We will pick each variety for 10-14 days roughly, then move onto the next.  

Honeycrisp: This very popular fruit was developed by the University of Minnesota. This juicy, crisp, sweet-tart apple has a very rich flavor that consistently ranks is #1 in taste tests. Honey crisp is outstanding for fresh eating! (8/25)

Crimsoncrisp: This medium sized fruit has a crimson red color over almost the entire apple. It has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart and complex flavor. (9/5)

Shizuka: Developed in Japan and sister to Mutsu, this exceptionally large fruit has a mild sweet flavor. (9/21)

Suncrisp: A cross between a Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin developed by the New Jersey Apple breeding program this apple receives high marks for its flavor profile. It has a beautiful golden color with orange blush. It has a sweet and spicy flavor great for fresh eating and baking. (9/31)

Winecrisp: This medium to large sized apple is deep purple-red in color. It is very firm, juicy and crisp. Its "wine-like" flavor is pleasantly balanced and has a sweet-tart and spicy flavor. (9/27)

Enterprise: Developed by researcher's at Perdue University this deep red apple has uniform medium to medium-large sized fruit. This is a great cooking! (10/10)

Gold Rush: This fruit stores very well and has a gorgeous golden color with red blushing. It is crisp and tart when picked right off the tree; however its sugars develop post harvest and balance out. This is a good baking apple. (10/21)

Pink Lady (Crisp Pink): This attractive pink blushed apple with a yellow background is medium to large with a an exceptionally crisp and sweet-tart flavor that balances well. This variety stores well. (10/26)


Each year we plant over 8 acres of pumpkins for you to bring out the family and find just the right ones to cut right off the vine and take home. We have pumpkins ranging in weight from less then one pound to over a hundred pounds. We have a field dedicated to Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins and another for all of the specialty odd ball aka ugly pumpkins. In addition, we have gourds and other fall decorative items for you to choose from and decorate your home with. We provide you with shears to harvest your pumpkins and a wagon to put it in, all you have to worry about is finding the perfect ones. Don't forget about our activities and to swing by our stand before heading back into town. 

Cullipher Pumpkin Patch - Closed- See you in September 2017!

Location: 772 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, VA 23457

Anticipated Opening Day: Late September 2017

Open: TBD

Closing Day: TBD

Hours of Operation: TBD

******The following are the prices and admission fees for  the 2016 season******

U-Pick Pumpkins

  • We have over 10 acres and over 50 different varieties of pumpkins for you to cut right off the vine!
    • U-Pick Jack-O-Lanterns: $.59/ per pound
    • U-Pick Pie, Specialty, Gourds, etc.: $.99/ per pound


Parking and entrance into our U-Pick fields is FREE! We also provide cutting shears to harvest your pumpkins and have a limited number of wagons available on a first come first serve basis to tote your pumpkins around. We strongly encourage you to bring your own wagon if you have one.

  • Our All Inclusive Wristband includes the following:
    • Fridays:
      • 2 and under- FREE
      • Children(access to the Children’s Play Area)- $4.00
      • Adults- FREE
    • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday):
      • 2 and under- FREE
      • Children(access to the Children’s Play Area and Wagon Ride)- $9
      • Adults- $4  
      •  *Please note that during special events, additional attractions may be available for an additional charge*

 Maizes (2016 designs; stay tuned for the 2017 design):


  • 7 Acre "King Neptune and Surfer" Corn MaizeThis one of a kind maize was designed by the world’s leading corn maize team, The Maize company from Utah! The design incorporates King Neptune riding a wave with a surfer. The maize has a medium level of difficulty, miles of path, and should take the average person about 45 minutes to complete. Please note that due to the multiple inclement weather events we have had during September, the corn maize has seen damage and not all stalks are upright.
  • Cotton Maize- Enjoy navigating your way through the areas first and only cotton maize! This maize is our toughest maize and should take about 20 minutes to complete.
  • Sunflower Maize- Take a picture in front of this beautiful field of flowers. This simple design is perfect for the little ones! 


Children’s Play Area:

  • Acres of Fun for children of all ages
  • Enjoy the following:
    • Hay Maintain
    • Sand Pile
    • Pedal Carts
    • Tires
    • Pipe Tunnel
    • Pumpkin House
    • Tire Swings
    • Corn Stalk Tunnel
    • Tipee
    • Corn Hole
    • Wooden Toys
    • Life Size Board Games
    • Picture Cutouts
    • Educational Stations
    • And more… 

Wagon Rides ***weekends only*** 

Enjoy a scenic and educational half hour ride around our working farm. Our wagons are custom designed for comfort and safety, so sit back relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.