Busy Bees 2017 Summer Class

Are you looking for fun, educational activities for your children this summer? Sign up and join us for our Busy Bees Summer class! A nine week series of summer classes full of hands-on activities, information about fruits and vegetables, how to grow all the different crops around farm, tours of the different fields, and crafts.

Class Dates: Every Monday, starting on June 26th (July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, August 7th, August 14th, and August 21st)

Class Times:   ***  9:00AM-10:30AM  ***   (Please note time change to earlier in the morning)     You may sign-up/register your child for any summer class throughout the summer. However, you MUST pre-register for EVERY class your child plans on attending by 6pm the Friday prior to the class. Check-in will start 15 minutes before each class session and parents need to fill out a registration form for their child(ren).

Class Ages: 5-11

Class Admission: Per class, $8.00 per child, $15 for 2 children, $21 for 3 children, $26 for 4 children, or $30 for 5 children.

Class Schedule: see at bottom for specific date signups

June 26th: Overview of the farm: We will discuss the different varieties of fruits and vegetables we grow. The class will learn about differing harvest times and about food chains, complete with producers and consumers.

July 3rd: Soil around the farm: We will look at the different soil types around the farm and students will have the opportunity to dig a few holes, identifying the different soil types. We will study different methods for growing crops and how soil types impact different crops.

July 10th: Berry Blast: We will learn about different types of berries, especially the types that we grow on the farm - strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. We will study the lifecycle for each berry and the seasons they grow in. There will be an opportunity to pick some of your own berries.

July 17th: Fun with flowers: We will learn about the lifecycle of sunflower and how they grow and develop. Each child will be able to watch the life cycle of a sunflower when they get to watch their own sunflowers grow and watch their seeds transform into plants.

July 24th: Importance of High Tunnels: We will learn about the importance of high tunnels and how farmers utilize high tunnels throughout the entire year. Learn about what type of produce grows inside the high tunnels throughout the different seasons. Students will have the opportunity to look inside of high tunnel and see what takes place.

July 31st: Corn: We will learn all about corn on this day. We will talk about when corn is planted, how it grows, and the process of picking corn. We will also discuss the process of how to put up fresh sweet corn and freeze it to have delicious, fresh corn throughout the entire year.

August 7th: Tasty Tomatoes: Students will learn how tomatoes are planted and how they grow. Students will visit the tomato field so they can perfect their measuring skills by measuring the tomato plants, slicing tomatoes and the different mini tomatoes.

August 14th: Melon Mania: We will be learning about all the different types of melons we grow on the farm. Students will learn about how melons grow and learn some interesting facts about all the different types of melons.

August 21st: Busy Bees Picnic: We will be celebrating the end of our fun summer classes. Everyone will bring their own lunch and we will all eat together and enjoy each other’s company.

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